Online Registration Instructions


Please Note

The VZPA online registration is available only in the following cases:

  • Registration for a second exam date within a semester. Registration for the first exam date of the semester always takes place through a module registration process in CAMPUS Office.
    • Registration for the second date is only technically possible, when a withdrawal, doctor's note, or failing grade has been entered for the first date.
    • Registration is possible no later than the beginning of January and end of June for up to seven days before the second examination date.
      If the examiner has not entered a specific examination date, registration is possible up to five weeks after the lecture period ends. After this point, please register using the registration for for a second examination date in the Forms Database.
  • Students in the Master's of Media Informatics course of study, to which the modular registration process does not apply.
  • As proof, send a signed email about the completed steps. Save an electronic copy. Later complaints cannot be taken into consideration without presentation of these emails.

Step by Step