Programs for School Students

  Children solving the game "Verhexte Wege" RWTH Aachen  

Ich will noch viel mehr wissen - und vielleicht mal studieren!
Ich will immer wieder Neues kennenlernen!
Ich finde Wissenschaft toll und will Forschern über die Schulter schauen!
Ich will experimentieren und auch schon forschen!
Ich will schon jetzt die Zukunft denken!


Do we at RWTH Aachen interest you with our diverse program? Discover the possibilities now and get to know RWTH Aachen has a research, study, and training location!

We have expanded our services for children and pupils in a particular manner and for various target groups in the last few years: with lecture series, experimental days, taster events, during the orientation weeks, through mentoring programs, at extracurricular learning locations, during info events, and with much more - starting with services for young children to sitting in on university lectures and advising services for the upper grades.


A Little MINT for Everyday Life!

RWTH Aachen's profil has been always been characterized by the fields mathematics, informatics, natural sciences, and above all, technology - the so called MINT subjects, that are now advertised together nationwide, in order to fight a future lack of specialists. For this reasons, we at RWTH Aachen, offer special projects in these fields for pupils through the framework of our MINT-Cooperation Program, among others:


Something for Girls!

Some of our offers are targeted specifically towards girls, in order to give them a glance at the multitude of possibilities in the technological and scientific fields and to get them interested in and excited about them:


Something for Those Particularly Motivated!

We wish to target particularly talented pupils with these programs. There are offers for various age groups and in widely varying subject areas. Some are open to all interested individuals and some are possible through registration in collaboration wtih the schools and teachers, and are specially funded by endowments.


And Something Else!

Aside from our own programs, we at RWTH Aachen, work with other partners in the framework of schools.

In special laboratories for pupils, that are situated at RWTH Aachen, school knowledge can be applied and further developed. Partnerships have developed between individual institutes and schools in the city and Aachen region. Additionally, RWTH Aachen collaborates with various networks and institutions, in order to promote further extracurricular learning. We also support and promote the participation of pupils in different regional and national competitions, or are involved the implementation of these.

Those who wish to understand university language a bit better, can take a look at the UniDuden we have created.

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Something Special for Teachers and Parents

With a regular newsletter, we wish to provide information early on about various events for school students, teachers and parents, important news on courses of study, and events for prospective students.