Conference for Wind Power Drives 2019


The CWD-Center Institute IEM invites to the Conference of Wind Power Drives 2019 (CWD 2019) on 12th March and 13th March 2019 in the Eurogress Aachen. The session hosts Dr. Carlos Härtel (GE), Dr. Andreas Klein (Winergy), Dr. MArtin Knops (ZF Wind Power), Rudolf Walter (Schaeffler), Dr. Roland Zeichfüßl (Siemens) and numerous further speakers will give talks about the following topics:

  • Complete System Testing & Test Benches
  • Drive Train Concepts
  • Gearbox - Torque Density
  • Gearbox - System Performance
  • Generator
  • Grid Conformity
  • Bearings - Design & Testing
  • Bearings - Comparison of Field, Test & Simulation
  • Plain Bearings
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Wind 4.0 - Potential of Data Analytics
  • Wind 4.0 - Predictive Maintenance & Reliability

Detailled Information about the conference like the exact programme and the registration can be found on the the website of the Center for Wind Power Drives der RWTH Aachen University.